ROSOMED [rossomed] - All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine". ROSOMED assist to implement simulation technology to medical education and practice in order to train the skills, certify proficiency, perform scientific and industrial researches, test medical equipment. With No Risk for Patient.

Society was founded at the Founding Convention 25 February 2012. Its Charter and the protocols of its 43 regional affiliates have been later registered in the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation.  The Society was registered and Registration Certificate was issued on 6 of June 2012. See bellow the History of ROSOMED foundation and the List of Affiliates on the date of registration in details.

Governing body

The current Executive Committee was elected at the ROSOMED Founding Convention February 2012:

  • President, Academician, Professor, Dr. Valery Kubishkin
  • Head of the Board, Professor, Dr. Andrey Svistunov
  • Head of the Presidium, Dr. Maxim Gorshkov
  • Executive Director, Dr. Alexander Kolysh

Presidium of the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (in ABC order):

  • Maxim Gorshkov, M.D., Director and Editor in Charge of the Journal "Virtual Technologies in Medicine" (printed in Russian language);
  • Alexander Kolysh, M.D., CEO of Intermedica Ltd.;
  • Prof. Yulia Pakhomova, M.D., Director of the Training Center for High Medical Technologies, Novosibirsk Medical University;
  • Prof. Andrey Svistunov, M.D., vice-chancellor of the First Moscow Medical Unviersity Sechenov;
  • Prof. Sergey Smerdin, M.D., Director of Phthysiopulmonology Institute, Moscow.

International Contacts of ROSOMED:

  • Zalim Balkizov, M.D., CEO Geotar Ltd., ASMOQ, Moscow

Control Committee of the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (in ABC order):

  • Anatoly Verevkin, M.D. Director, Virtumed Ltd.;
  • Edward Chernyshov, M.D., Medical Director, Altamedcia Ltd.

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Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine announces ROSOMED-2013, Second Convention of the Society for Simulation Education in Russia

Moscow, 26-27 September 2013

We will appreciate your participation, please save the date.

Please see details at the ROSOMED-2013 official web-page

Flyer ROSOMED-2013 - download in PDF


History of ROSOMED foundation

Domestic healthcare education system has been using phantoms, training models, low fidelity mannequins for many years by now. And it didnt take long for the Hi-Fidelity simulators to meet Russian educators as they were first presented to the world healthcare society. For example, in 2002 a virtual laparoscopic simulator was demonstrated at the conference of Russian endosurgical society, just one year after it was first exhibited at the German Society of Surgeons conference.

Popularity of simulationbased learning techniques has been ever growing since then, bringing along the need for closer collaboration between the healthcare educational facilities, universities and medical centers for the purpose of sharing experiences, solving current issues and developing uniform requirements to simulation-based learning processes. Local conferences were organized here and there by universities, healthcare education establishments and medical care non-governmental organizations to treat existing problems. However, quite a few major issues remained unsolved. Comprehensive approach to education exploiting virtual reality became an obvious solution to the problem.

Eventually an initiative has been taken by proactive members of the Society to create an all-Russia nongovernmental organization to serve the purposes of simulation-based education. Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (Russian abbreviation ROSOMED [rossomed]), was established at the Foundation Congress on February 25, 2012. Founders of Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (in ABC order):

  • Maxim D. Gorshkov
  • Alexander L. Kolysh
  • Ararat M. Mkrtumyan
  • Julia V. Pakhomova
  • Andrey A. Svistunov
  • Eduard V. Tchernyshov
  • Anatoliy E. Verevkin
  • Russian League in Medicine (presented by Sergey V. Smerdin, Coordination Council chairman)

At the conference some of the organizational issues were solved, governing body was elected, regional affiliates were set up (below please see the list of regional affiliates).

Following the conference, ROSOMED bylaws and protocols for establishment of 43 regional affiliates were submitted to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. On the basis of the documentation submitted Minyust, the Ministry of Justice issued to Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine a registration Certificate dated June 6, 2012.

List of ROSOMED Regional Affiliates as registered by (in ABC order according to Russian alphabet):

1. Altay Territory affiliate
2. Astrakhan Region affiliate
3. Bashkiria Republic affiliate
4. Belgorod Region affiliate
5. Buryatia Republic affiliate
6. Vladimir Region affiliate
7. Volgograd Region affiliate
8. Voronezh Region affiliate
9. Ivanovo Region affiliate
10. Irkutsk Region affiliate
11. Kabardino-Balkaria Republic affiliate
12. Kaluga Region affiliate
13. Karachoevo-Tcherkessia Republic affiliate
14. Kemerovo Region affiliate
15. Kirov Region affiliate
16. Krasnoyarsk Territory affiliate
17. Kursk Region affiliate
18. Moscow affiliate
19. Nizhniy Novgorod Region affiliate
20. Novosibirsk Region affiliate
21. Omsk Region affiliate
22. Orlovsk Region affiliate
23. Penza Region affiliate
24. Perm Region affiliate
25. Primorie Territory affiliate
26. Mordovia republic affiliate
27. Rostov Region affiliate
28. Ryazan Region affiliate
29. Samara Region affiliate
30. Saint-Petersburg affiliate
31. Sverdlovsk Region affiliate
32. Smolensk Region affiliate
33. Stavropol Territory affiliate
34. Tatarstan Republic affiliate
35. Tomsk Region affiliate
36. Tula Region affiliate
37. Tiumen Region affiliate
38. Udmurtia Republic affiliate
39. Khabarovsk Territory affiliate
40. Khanty-Mansiisk Territory affiliate
41. Tchelyabinsk Region affiliate
42. Yamalo-Nenetsk Territory affiliate
43. Yaroslavl Region affiliate

If you have any questions on the participation in the conference or exhibition please contact organizers via CONTACT FORM.