ROSOMED-2012, First Convention of the Russian Society of Simulation Education in Medicine

Moscow, 27-28 September 2012







National Medical Chamber (NMC),

Association of medical societies on quality and (ASMOQ)

Russian Society of Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED)

with the support of Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)


International conference “Innovative educational technologies in medicine” took place in Moscow on September 27-28th, 2012. As an important though independent part of the Conference the 1st Congress of Russian Society of Simulation in Medicine – ROSOMED-2012 was organized.
Over 572 specialists out of 17 countries participated in the Conference (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarussia, Moldova, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, South Korea).

Flyer ROSOMED-2012 (PDF file in English)



The main subjects to be discussed at ROSOMED-2012

  • Concept of simulation education in Russia
  • Patients’ safety – usage of simulation technologies in doctors’ training
  • Questions of organization and effective activity of simulation centers
  • Simulation and electronic technologies in CME

Topics of the Conference

  • Professional development of teachers
  • Introduction of electronic technologies into education
  • Creation and finance of innovative scientific projects
  • Evaluation of knowledge in medical education and criteria for educational activities
  • Vocational training of administrative staff in healthcare
  • eLearning in healthcare
  • Electronic library systems – development and implementation
  • Accreditation of medical organizations – training of organizers and specialists of healthcare




The program includes: reports, lectures, master-classes of leading foreign and domestic specialists on simulation education and training, cultural events. Official languages of the event: Russian and English (with simultaneous translation).

The representatives of the following international organizations plan to participate in the Conference:

  • Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM)
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  • Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
  • International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE)
  • National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)
  • Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Medical Library Association (MLA)

Simulation Part of the Program - Speeches and work-shops (Translated version - English)

Official Program (Full Version, PDF file in Russian, list of Exhibitors in Russian and English)




During the Congress there will be organized the following work-shops:

27 September, 1st Session

Joe Crofts, Univercity of Bristol, Great Britain
Simulation Training in Obstetrics

Flemming Bjerrum, MD PhD-fellow, Dept of Gynecology Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen and Denmark
Current principles for laparoscopic simulator training

Charles Posner, Simulation Center STRATUS, Harvard Univercity, Boston, MA, USA
Organization of the simulation Center

Marcus Lyra, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Transnasal neuroendoscopy and rhynosurgery - practical training

Stefan Moenk, Mainz, Germany
Acute care training with simulators

28 September, 2nd Session

Peter deYong, Leiden Univercity, The Netherlands
How to publsish the article in International Journal

Kochetkov S.U., Publishing Hous GEOTAR-Media, Moscow, Russia
How to create distant educational module

Andreas Pommert, Appendorf University, Hamburg, Germany
Simulation Training and Rehearsal of the future procedure in otorhynosurgery

Marcus Lyra, Sao Paolo, Brazil Realistic Surgical Simulation.
An actual option of neurolinguistic teaching. Training of Proctology, Hysteroscopy, Urology and Hydrolaparoscopy procedures

28 September, 3rd Session

Karl Raining, Colorado University, Denver, USA
Arthroscopy Training in virtual reality

Ralf Kreig, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Hands-on training: Influence of "human factors" on patient safety and the role of simulation education in it

Marcus Lyra, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Simulation training and accreditation in plastic, reconstructive and laparoscopic surgery

Vlasov V.V., Society fo Evidence Based Medicine, Moscow, Russia
How to prepare systematic literature reviewp> 



At the exhibition manufacturers of medical tutorials, trainers, simulations equipment, e-products for medical education, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals are presented.  

The list of exhibitors (in Russian and English)



Venue: Moscow International Informational-Exhibition Center InfoSpace.  The center is located in historical center of the city, in walking distance from Kremlin.

Address: 1-j Zachatjevsky per. 4, Moscow, 119034

Metro "Kropotkinskaya" or "Park Kultury"

Flyer ROSOMED-2012 - download in PDF

If you have any questions on the participation in the conference or exhibition please contact organizers via contact form.     

  ROSOMED [rossomed] - All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine". ROSOMED assist to implement simulation technology to medical education and practice in order to train the skills, certify proficiency, perform scientific and industrial researches, test medical equipment. With No Risk for Patient.

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