ROSOMED [rossomed] - All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine". ROSOMED assist to implement simulation technology to medical education and practice in order to train the skills, certify proficiency, perform scientific and industrial researches, test medical equipment. With No Risk for Patient.

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The III Convention ROSOMED-2014 (Moscow, September 24-26, 2014): Registration    Abstracts   



Conference "Medical Education - 2014"

In April 2-3, 2014 in Moscow there will be held an all-Russian Conference "Medical Education - 2014" with international participation. Venue: Congress and Exhibition Center of Sechenov First MSMU, Moscow. Organizers: Department of Health of the Russian Federation; the State educational institution of higher professional education; the First Moscow Medical University named after Sechenov; ROSOMED - All-Russian public organization "Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine".
Organization "ROSOMED" is a co-organizer of the Conference and during the event it holds a symposium "Simulation training in medicine" and panel discussion "Simulation center: design and management". We invite members of ROSOMED to participate actively in the Conference.


New web page "Photo Gallery" from the Second Convention of ROSOMED-2013

Site ROSOMED published a new page that contains a photo gallery from the Second Convention of Russian Society of Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED-2013).

15.11.2013

Draft of the Statut Professional public non-governmental accreditation of the educational programs on SURGERY 

Draft of the Statute Professional public non-governmental accreditation of the educational programs on SURGERY is published. This work is a result of joint effort of the Russian Surgical Society and ROSOMED.

19.04.2013

19th conference of SESAM-2013 to be held in Paris  

19th conference of SESAM will be held in Paris in Congrès La Villette  on 12-15 of June 2013. Key topics to discuss include simulation-based learning, patient safety issues, virtual reality learning.
Scientific agenda offers various forms of interaction during the conference, such as lectures at plenary and session assemblies, roundtable discussions, pre-conference courses, satellite symposiums and corporate presentations.


New issue of the Journal Virtual reality technologies in medicine is available online

Issue # 1(9) 2013 of Virtual reality technologies in medicine is now available online. It contains reviews of past and future events on simulation education, news of simulation technologies, report on the Group of Training simulation facilities in Julius-Maximilian's University of Würzburg, Germany.  Selected abstracts of the ROSOMED-2012 Convention are published also.


8-th Annual Conference HPSN-Europe took place Mainz, Germany.

Over 100 participants from 19 countries of Europe, America and Asia, including Russia and Kazakhstan gathered at the conference. During the conference the following issues were discussed: simulation learning technologies in surgery, endoscopy, diagnostics, critical medical care, angiography and interventions, interdisciplinary training. One of the reports was presented by a visitor from Russia Gorshkov M.D., Head of the Presidium of ROSOMED. In the presentation a new Classification of medical simulators and Price Triplication Rule were reported.


ROSOMED-2012 succesfully took place in Moscow

Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED), National Medical Chamber (NMC)  and Association of medical societies on quality and (ASMOQ) with the support of Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and participation of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) have organized in Moscow International conference Innovative educational technologies in medicine and the First Convention ROSOMED-2012, that took place on 27-28 of September 2012. 

Over 572 specialists out of 17 countries participated in the Conference (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarussia, Moldova, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, South Korea).  It was two extremely interesting days dedicated to the discussions of the Concept of simulation education in Russia, usage of simulation technologies in doctors training for better patient's safety, organization and effective activity of simulation centers and role of the simulation and high-technologies in CME.  During these days 14 work-shops and hands-on trainings were conducted. 

Simulation Part of the Program - Speeches and work-shops (Translated version - English);
Official Program (Full Version, PDF file in Russian, list of Exhibitors in Russian and English);
List of Work-Shops (PDF file in English)


7th International Pediatric Simulation - Symposia and Workshops

The International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) announces their 7th International Pediatric Simulation, Symposia and Workshops taking place in Vancouver, Canada on May 4-6, 2015. IPSSW2015 is the worlds largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal simulation. They will welcome renowned and global experts for three days of in-depth discussion on the role simulation plays to provide safe and effective care to sick children and infants, and the continued evolution and expansion of pediatric simulation across the globe. IPSSW2015 will feature distinguished international speakers from a range of industries with important in-sights applicable to our practice. This inspiring conference with unmatched networking and knowledge exchange will organize hands-on workshops, roundtable sessions, special interest groups and poster presentations!



The III Convention ROSOMED-2014

The III Convention ROSOMED-2014 will take place in Moscow, on September 24-26, 2014. The event will be jointly organized by the Russian Society of Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED) and Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

The topics to be discussed include as follows:

  • Organization, management and efficient operation of simulation centers
  • Simulation training in specific medical specialties
  • Improving quality of healthcare through introduction of simulation technology
  • Simulation training for instructors
  • Electronic technology and eLearning in medical education and healthcare
  • Development and implementation of electronic library
  • Knowledge and skills assessment with simulation technology



The II Convention ROSOMED-2013

The II Convention ROSOMED-2013 took place in Moscow, on September 26-27, 2013. The event was jointly organized by the National Healthcare Chamber, ROSOMED and Association of Medical Care Quality Societies in cooperation with Coordination Committee on CME of Russian Ministry of Health Care and Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

The topics to be discussed included as follows:

  • accreditation and simulation system in Russia;
  • creation and effective management of simulation centers,
  • simulation-based training for different specialties,
  • quality improvement of medical care through simulationbased training,
  • professional training for teachers and simulation facilitators;
  • use of electronics and eLearning technologies in healthcare education;
  • development and implementation of e-libraries;
  • simulation-based methods of knowledge and skills assessment.


Simulation training in Pediatry, III International Congress

III International Congress for Pediatric emergency simulation (Moscow, 13-16 May 2013). Venue: Medical University Pirogov Congress Center. Simulation training sessions on CPR, respiration skills, cardiac life support, poisoning and injury treatment skills, teamwork behavior. 

Co-Chairmans of the Congress:
Prof. Kamkin A. G., Rector of University RNIMU, Moscow
Prof. Plavunov N.F. 1th deputy chief of Moscow Department of Public Health, Moscow
Dr. Migliorini Luigi, Special Representative in Russia of the WHO
Prof. Blokhin Boris ., Chief Pediatrician of Moscow Department
of Public Health, Moscow
Prof. Lubrano Riccardo, Vice-president Italian society of Pediatric
Emergency Medicine, Italy

Organizing committee:
Loayza Hugo (Russia), Oettinger A.P. (Russia), Melnikova M.A. (Russia), Moya Luis (Guatemala), Coronel Diana (Mexico)

Scientific committee:
Kozlov I.G. (Russia), Namazova-Baranova L.S. (Russia), Degtiareva M.V. (Russia), Gianiorio Piero (Italy), Lopez-Herce Jesus (Spain), Bello Osvaldo (Uruguay), Moncada Walter (Honduras), Roman Carlos (Mexico), Gonzalez del Rey Javier (USA), Castañeda Erwin (Guatemala)


4th All-Russia conference Healthcare Education and Academical Scientific Research - 2013, Moscow, April 2013

4th All-Russia conference Healthcare Education and Academical Scientific Research - 2013 took place in Moscow. As a part of the conference, rectorial council was held. It took two days to hear all speakers presenting their reports, including those from Russia and other countries. Among them were members of ROSOMED Society. Following the lectures, master-classes were organized, during which the participants were invited to a university Virtual Hospital simulation center of the third, highest level. The concept of the Virtual Hospital was designed by the experts of ROSOMED.


If you have any questions on the participation in the conference or exhibition please contact organizers via contact form.